Hens Night Ideas For A Classy Bride To Be


 Not every bride wants her hen's night to involve pink tulle, bar shots and phallic symbols. If your hen cringes at the idea of a tacky night out on the town, here are some classy hen's night ideas. 


Mexican Themed Fiesta 

For fun colourful brides that enjoy a festive celebration a Mexican themed hen’s party is a great option. Present the bride with a beautiful Mexican inspired crown to make sure everyone remembers this night is all about her and kick off the fun with a margarita making class. Pair your handmade cocktails with a flavoursome array of Mexican bites. A good idea is to include a make your own taco and burrito station. 


Champagne Brunch 

Take the ‘night’ out of Hen’s night for the ultimate classy bridal event, a champagne brunch. This has become a popular option in 2018 as more and more brides want to celebrate their upcoming nuptials in a way they won’t cringe to remember. A champagne brunch should include a Brunch bar loaded with delicious treats such as mini pancakes, fresh fruit and bagels. You’ll also want to spend some time thinking about suitable decor including fresh flowers, crystal glasses and quality china. Last but not least, don’t forget the crucial ingredient, champagne! 


Cooking Classes 

If your bride prefers getting down and dirty in the kitchen rather then the club, why not organise a private cooking class for her and her gal pals. You can invite a professional around to a private residence to take you through some recipes or you might like to organise a class at one of her favourite restaurants.  Plenty of restaurants offer the opportunity to join professional chefs for a cooking class that will not only be fun but a great learning experience for everyone involved.


All White Everything 

While it is a social sin to wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride, there is nothing wrong with everyone wearing white to the hen’s night. In fact it’s an idea that is trending at the moment and creates a great overall aesthetic. This theme is of course best suited to relaxed daytime style hen’s events where dirty clubs and kabab runs will be avoided. An elegant theme needs to be met with an elegant venue. Why not organise a long lunch in the vineyards? Pull out all the stops and organise a helicopter charter so your future bride can arrive in style. 

Adam Dundas-Taylor