Three Original Engagement Party Themes for 2018


If you’ve recently said the 'Big Yes’ it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family by throwing an engagement party. It’s not every day you get engaged so you’ll want to make this party something extra special. Here are some original ideas that will make your engagement party the event of the year in 2018 (until your wedding of course).

champange brunch.jpg

Engagement Party Idea 1: Champagne Brunch

What could be more glamours then a champagne brunch? A champagne brunch is the perfect elegant event for celebrating your big news with friends and family while channelling your inner Holly Golightly. Host your engagement brunch at a stylish venue with elegant decor and an excellent variety of breakfast and brunch menu options. Plenty of flowers and white lace will add a bridal feel to the event. Depending on the size of your engagement party you can either opt for a sit-down breakfast or you may instead choose to have a breakfast buffet. 

Mad Men.jpg

Engagement Party Idea 2: Mad Men Cocktail Party

While Betty and Don Draper aren’t exactly #relationshipgoals nobody can deny Mad Men is brimming with charm and style. There is no reason you can’t take out the more fun aspects of the show for a truly stylish 50’s cocktail party to celebrate your engagement with friends and family. Find a function room that has some serious Mad Men vibes to host your chic 50's style engagement party. Organise some hot and cold canapés, and a variety of classic cocktails to be passed around throughout the night. 


Engagement Party Idea 3: White Party

White parties are the go-to event for the rich and the famous and for good reason. A white party is an easy dress code for your guests to abide. The theme creates an excellent aesthetic and even better pictures that will get you more double taps then you’ve ever had before. You can choose to host your all white party in your backyard if you’re a little strapped for cash or alternatively host it at a venue where the staff are happy to help you bring your all white vision to life. Having just the one colour theme makes finding decorations, food and something to wear surprisingly easy. 

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Adam Dundas-Taylor