How We Make The Best Ribs on the Gold Coast

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Fire Cue is famous for serving the best ribs on the Gold Coast. Here’s how we achieve the juicy, tender and delicious ribs that keep our customers coming back for more.

Cape Grim Organic Beef

We take barbecuing seriously, that’s why we only use the highest quality meat. Our ribs are made with Australia’s finest grass-fed beef sourced from Cape Grim. Located in the far northwest corner of Tasmania, Crape Grim's collection of cattle farmers have made a commitment to nurturing cattle without causing harm to the environment. Cape Grim beef is grass fed, hand selected and rigorously graded before we purchase it to create the Gold Coast’s best ribs.

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Marinating Process

The first step in cooking our famous barbeque ribs is the marinating process. We use a mixture of South American spices to marinate the ribs. This marinade is then sealed over charcoal on the grill. 

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Slow Cooked in the Beef Stock

Once the ribs have been marinated and sealed, they are slow cooked in beef stock, with roast root vegetables and Mexican chillies. This is what gives them such an intensely juicy flavour. This slow cooking process takes roughly 4 ½ hours.


Back on the Grill

After 4 ½ hours, it is now time for the ribs to go back on the charcoal grill. While on the barbeque, the ribs are basted with an agave paste. The agave plant is similar to a cactus that is found in Mexico. This paste gives the ribs a sweet flavour. While cooking on the grill the agave paste is reduced down to a glaze and goes crispy almost like a skin.

And there you have it, that’s how we make our famous Fire Cue ribs. It might seem light a lengthy process, but for us, it’s worth it, and we guarantee when you try it you'll agree.

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Adam Dundas-Taylor