The Gold Coast is Going Loco for these Tantalising Tacos


Get ready for mouth watering tacos! we have taken Taco Tuesday to the next level.

Fire Cue is the Gold Coast’s only restaurant that serves authentic hand pressed tortillas. We make the tortillas from imported Mexican corn flour called masa harina. They are hand pressed in-house daily. Our delicious tortillas are then stuffed with fresh, quality ingredients that will keep you coming back for more. 

Our process for making these tortillas begins by mixing the masa harina flour with warm water and salt then kneading the dough until it is smooth. We then roll the dough into small balls and press them with our imported Mexican tortilla hand press. The tortillas are grilled for up to one minute on both sides until cooked.

We have three delicious taco fillings available to compliment our authentic tortillas:


Our Beef brisket Tacos

Our Cape Grim Beef brisket is seared over the char grill, then slow cooked in beef stock, with aromatics of dried Mexican chillies, such as Ancho and Chipotle, fresh tomato, cumin seeds and roast vegetables, all imparting this beautiful meat. It is then accompanied with our famous chipotle dressing and pico de gallo.

Our Tender Chicken Tacos

Our tender chicken thighs are marinated in Achiote marinade, which consists of Mexican chillies, cumin seed, orange and lime juice. They are then barbecued over the char grill and served with pickled red onions and jalapeños.

Our Barramundi Tacos

Our barramundi tacos boast Australian barramundi cooked in a airy and crispy beer. They are served with caramelised pineapple, radish and fresh lime. A small pocket of heaven bursting with flavour.

Whilst we serve these tacos daily, book in for Taco Tuesday where we serve tantalising tacos for just $5 each -  5pm until late.

Adam Dundas-Taylor